The Catholic Church in Germany. Facts & Figures 2013/14.

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The Catholic Church in Germany. Facts & Figures 2013/14.

The issue of the Working Papers entitled “Facts and Figures” is published for the second time in English. It demonstrates the diversity of the Church and contains information on the statistical figures from 2013, which are always available in the following year: for example baptisms and burials, first communion and confirmation, the admission of new Church members and the departure of existing ones. The figures are not sober statistical material, but show where the Church is active, demonstrating the areas in which She is helping to care for people. The Church is certainly in demand: as an employer, in kindergartens and schools, and particularly in Caritas.

Please note: The English brochure is only published as a PDF file, not as a printed version. This brochure is also available in German, even in a printed version.