„Being the Church Together“. Statement by the German Bishops on Pastoral Renewal

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The statement “Being the Church Together” responds to the wish of many faithful for more communication both inside and outside the Church. It acknowledges the willingness of many people to participate in shaping the life of the Church and so to give expression to their faith and attachment to the Church.
The document is designed to support those people in the various (arch-)dioceses in Germany who find themselves on the path from a national church to a Church of the People of God.  The key theological idea of the text is a dynamic view of Baptism and being a Christian. It invites to promote a “Church in progress”.
This statement of the German Bishops is expressly intended as a “discussion paper”. It is designed to initiate and facilitate processes, and to seek debate – including debate in ecumenical contexts and with many other people who are seekers. Finally, it is intended to prompt dialogue, fully expecting responses and further development.
The addressees of “Being the Church Together” are those responsible for pastoral restructuring in the (arch-)dioceses and parishes, the heads of department and division in the vicariates general and ordinariates, church institutions, associations and communities, priests, deacons, parish and pastoral workers, chairpersons of councils, and all committed Christians.
The statement was published at the autumn general assembly of the German Bishops’ Conference held in Fulda in September 2015.