Europe is worth it. Stimuli from the Episcopal Working Group on Europe

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Erscheinungstermin: 2021

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The expert text "Europe is worth it" offers stimuli for Christian commitment to European integration and for the societal role of the Church. This position paper, prepared by the Episcopal Working Group on Europe, deals with the (further) development of the EU as a peace and democracy project from a socio-ethical perspective. To this end, it outlines historical developments and sheds light on the current situation in the EU. Based on relevant socio-ethical grounds of the Church's commitment in the context of European integration, perspectives for four selected policy fields are outlined: (1) democratic cohesion, linked to the rule of law, (2) responsibility for Creation, (3) the responsible shaping of the digital world and (4) Europe's contribution to coping with global displacement movements. Finally, the constructive contribution of the Church as a bridge builder and mediator in the social and European discourse is emphasised.