Soldiers as Servants of Peace

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Soldiers as Servants of Peace
Statement on the Status and Tasks of Soldiers in the Federal Armed Forces
In recent years, the Federal Armed Forces have been increasingly involved in missions of international crisis intervention. Within the scope of their missions abroad, they cooperate with armed forces of other countries which often have different leadership cultures. The necessary restructuring of the Federal Armed Forces does not remain without consequences for their internal constitution and the soldierly identity. It also becomes more and more obvious that social integration of the armed forces in Germany is at risk. The statement of the German Bishops’ Conference entitled ''Soldiers as Servants of Peace'' explores these developments, which have an impact on both the peace-ethical principles of the Church and the principles of military chaplaincy. This statement renews the teaching of the Church on the foundations of military service and speaks out in favour of the proven concept of Innere Führung as it is applied in the Federal Armed Forces and in favour of the role model of a soldier who is educated to become a mature and ethically responsible person.